Uele Lamore - a 24 year old franco-american - is a conductor, composer and arranger.


She is specialized in the mixing of orchestral and acoustic textures with modular, electronic and synthetic elements.


Non-affiliated to classical music, she likes to dive into the fields of composition and arranging through many musical styles: electro, new wave, rock, techno, minimal, neo-soul and many more that are left to explore leaving an infinite range of possibilities.


She hence developed a unique and recognizable sound signature that is cherished by many artists and promoters (Le Printemps de Bourges, Festival de Carthage, Theatre du Chatelet, FGO Barbara center…) as well as movie directors.


Uele studied guitar at Musicians Institute, and after her graduation completed her studies with a degree in composition and conducting that she received from Berklee College of Music in 2016. She then followed an apprenticeship amongst Jules Buckley's Metropole Orkest and Heritage Orchestra.


She has collaborated with many artists, ranging from Yan Wagner to Agar Agar or Grand Blanc, Emel Mathlouthi, Etienne Daho, Moor Mother, to Hugo Lx or Mad Rey… The projects range from specific arrangement commissions to full arrangement of albums or EP's as well as special orchestral projects for festivals.


Uele also works on original compositions for different medias, ranging from movies to documentaries (she nurishes a passion for nature and animal documentaries), ballets or even video game scoring (Uele is a true gamer at heart). 


She is since 2019 a London Contemporary Orchestra associate conductor and arranger.

Uele is the founder of Orchestre Orage, the first orchestra specialized in collaborations and special creations with non-classicaly affiliated artists. Founded in 2017, it is strong of 34 members.







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