Uèle is a franco-american 24 year old  conductor, composer and arranger specialized in special collaborations between orchestras  and artists or groups of various non- classical styles of music, such as electro, rock, new-wave, neo-soul or even techno. These types of orchestras are known today as pop-orchestras or beat-orchestras. 


She has collaborated with artists such as Agar Agar, Grand Blanc, Renart, Gëinst, Samba De La Muerte, Kodäma, Yan Wagner, Rover, Etienne Daho, Moor Mother, Silly Boy Blue and many more... 

Uèle is currently an associate conductor and arranger of the Lond Contemporary Orchestra, she is also the head conductor of  Orchestre Orage, the first beat-orchestra  based in France, that she founded in 2017. 

Live from FGO-Barbara, Paris,

with Persian Empire and Orchestre Orage.

Live from Nouveau Siècle in Lille for the opening of the 2019 edition of the Séries Mania festival.

Live stream of the Kodäma x Orchestre Orage collaboration from Le Mellotron, conducted by Uèle Lamore, in Paris.

Footage of the creative process, from rehearsal to concert, between Midori and Uèle Lamore with Orchestre Orage.



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